Peak Performance Program (P3): Outcomes

SUMMARY: Over the course of an 18-month study, the Peak Performance Program achieved a significant reduction in overall medication administration error and sustained those gains at 36 months.

  • The baseline measure of administration accuracy was 83.8% at the start of the program; it improved to 87.8% after six months, and to 98.2% after 36 months — an 88.9% reduction in the mean error rate for medication administration for the study group. (See back for definition of “administration” accuracy.)
  • The baseline adherence to the six “best practice” processes was 79.5% at the start of the program; it increased to 91.8% at six months, and to 96.2% after 36 months — an 81.5% reduction in the mean rate for medication process errors for the study group.
  • The baseline measure of percentage of doses administered without distractions was 62.5%. It improved to 77.7% at six months, and to 88.2% after 36 months—a 68.5% reduction in the number of distractions during medication administration.