Our Philosophy

Outcome Focus:

  1. The chief mission of the Altos Group is to work collaboratively with hospitals to improve clinical and financial performance.
  2. Our programs are designed to create an environment that improves clinical outcomes (fewer errors, lower mortality, and happier, healthier patients), as well as operational outcomes (higher reliability, greater efficiency, and higher staff competency and satisfaction). Institutions that can master those challenges will be stronger competitively and financially.
  3. We partner with hospitals to sustain and build on their improved performance by creating a culture of learning and accountability across the institution.

Implementation Focus:

  1. Our programs are anchored in the sound principles of evidenced-based medicine. Front-line clinicians are immersed in the programs’ philosophy and procedures, then charged with implementing optimal treatment protocols at the bedside.
  2. Clinicians expand their skill set in technical areas such as process mapping and re-design, data collection, and data analysis. Processes or procedures are redesigned to accomplish a specific clinical goal, and then tested for quantitative evidence of improvement.
  3. The program develops participants’ skills in project management, team building, communications, and leadership — all the skills required to gain buy-in and assistance from key departments and individuals throughout the institution.
  4. Our program structure is based on applied learning: it’s action-oriented with participants learning by doing. Classroom work in off-site seminars is applied in a clinical setting through “homework” assignments. Clinicians apply the skills they learn offsite to pinpoint performance shortfalls and implement solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of their institutions.
  5. The format of the program is team-based and collaborative. Participants are taught to build strong working relationships throughout the organization, including recruiting outside “champions” who can act as allies in moving the program forward.
  6. Staff impact is demonstrable personal and professional growth – not just in competency, but also in many other measures of staff quality and efficacy, such as commitment, pride, and innovation.

Partnership Focus:

  1. Our goal is to leave every client with the institutional skill set and well trained staff required to independently sustain performance improvement.
  2. We provide guidance and a reality check regarding staff and organizational performance. We help clients clearly see their needs, limitations and capabilities, and then set attainable expectations for change. We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. The skills we teach, and how we teach them, do not change, but those skills are adapted to the specific clinical goals and issues of each institution.
  3. Each of our faculty members brings more than 20 years experience in — and passion for — his or her chosen field. We are an inter-disciplinary group that addresses every facet of change management.. Clients have direct access to the faculty throughout the entire program.